WE 02

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The new WE 02 is the latest addition to our range.

It is the smallest composter in the range, with an output of 4-5 kg per day, making it ideal for domestic households, smaller restaurants and cafes. The WE02 is 401mm wide x 400mm deep x 790mm tall.

This unit is best installed indoors on a flat, solid, level surface. The unit connects to your normal household electricity supply. You will need to connect the output hose to the kitchen sink or laundry room sink (this is purely for removal of condensation). Alternatively you can run the pipe through the window or the wall.

Once the unit is installed, there is a set-up procedure and the unit will reach normal operating efficiency within 1-2 weeks. You can then gradually increase the amount of food waste from 1kgs to 2kgs. After the second week you can increase the amount of food waste input up to the 4kgs per day.

Once the unit is operating at full efficiency, you can start to remove the compost whenever the machine is full. The compost from this unit is ‘immature’ compost and should be either mixed with existing compost or dug into garden soil.