If you are in the hospitality industry, every penny counts, every second counts. We know this and have worked with hotels across the country to reduce their foodwaste and reduce their subsequent overheads.

There are two types of foodwaste, avoidable and unavoidable. You are hopefully already working to reduce the avoidable. We can work with you to reduce your costs of disposing of the unavoidable foodwaste, such as plate waste, prep waste, etc.

Already we have saved leading hotels money on their foodwaste collection, money on their vermin suppressant contracts as well as reducing the amount of bin collection lorries and subsequently saving money on refunds on rooms from the noise of these lorries collecting early in the morning and waking guests.

The WasteMaster machine will freeze your foodwaste costs instantly. At present the residual powder output by the machine is collected by Anerobic Digestion plants. Soon the residual will be purchased by either Anerobic Digestion plants or sold back to animal feed, giving you a return on investment, allowing the machine to begin to pay for itself.

If you wish to know how we can work with you to turn your foodwaste into money, give us a ring on 07889 090 430 or visit our Contact Page.