EcoWasteXchange working with Whittlebury Hall

Overcoming the challenge of food waste in the Private Sector

Whittlebury Hall and EcoWasteXchange

Nestled in 600 acres of stunning rural Northamptonshire, Whittlebury Hall and Spa leads the way in the Luxury Hospitality sector by employing a revolutionary on-site food waste system to reduce costs and impact on the environment.

Hotel Manager, David Munson and Head Chef, Craig Rose explain how WasteMaster from EcoWasteXchange has helped overcome the issue of food waste at Whittlebury.

Whittlebury Hall and Wastemaster - solving #foodwaste problems

At a prestigious site like Whittlebury Hall the guest experience is top of the agenda and dealing with waste plays its part in providing this world class experience. Having dealt with the recycling phase of waste, attention was drawn to finding a solution for food waste that was sustainable, provided a realistic ROI and above all was manageable by the Back of House (BOH) team.

Serving up to 7,000 covers a week depending on the season, Whittlebury needed a solution that would process the most  difficult yet unavoidable waste fraction that comes from meal preparation and service. The Whittlebury BOH team already segregate food waste to maximise recycling performance therefore the solution had to fit seamlessly into an already slick operation whilst improving site cleanliness.

David Munson says: “Although committed to optimising efficiency & reducing our environmental impact symbiotically, the right environmental solution and most responsible approach for our business also had to deliver a financial benefit”.

David goes on to report that “Since its installation, WasteMaster has changed the way we approach food waste for the benefit of the environment, as well as our business”.

Installed in 2017, Whittlebury Hall’s WasteMaster system is located in a discrete yet convenient area to the rear of the main building, efficiently processing between three and six tonnes of organic waste per month, depending on the seasonal activity, ensuring impact on the client experience is minimal.

Head Chef Craig says: “We’re really impressed with the WasteMaster, the system has fitted seamlessly into our operation & really improved the efficiency of our food waste management process.

Craig went on to say that “our BOH porters are delighted with how easy the system is to use and the support team at GET have been very helpful in the effective management & monitoring of our food waste process”.

The advanced PLC technology employed in WasteMaster accurately records the process volumes providing reportable data for the business management team to present how effective the waste is being handled on site.

Download the WasteMaster case study from EcoWasteXchange