Food Recycling


At our de-packaging yard here in Peterborough, we manually depackage your waste food and distribute it among farms where it can be fed to livestock.

We can only accept waste food that does not include any animal by-products, as defined by the current regulations. We have been approved by FEMAS and the local Trading Standards Authority.

Examples of the waste food we de-package are:

  • Bread
  • Confectionery
  • Dairy
  • Fruit & Veg

Dairy includes milk, cheese, butter and yoghurts.


Macerating or De-Packaging?

Some methods of disposal of unsold, out of date food involve shredding and macerating the food whilst it is still in its packaging. This mix of food and its packaging is then spread on the farm land, as fertiliser. This results in the plastic packaging washing out of the land, directly into the water courses. This is not something we believe in, de-packaging is the best method as we recyle as much of the packaging as we can, with the food feeding livestock.

Food Waste Consultation

For a free consultation on how we can reduce your waste food disposal costs, please call us on 07889 090 430.