As you can see, by the pics above, our revolutionary de-packaging machinery is now unleashed onto the market. It has evolved through several designs and has also undergone exhaustive testing to finally achieve the required high level of performance and productivity at a price that no one else can even come close to matching.

There is not another de-packaging machine that can remove a cucumber from its plastic ‘condom’ and not contaminate the subsequent food waste with any plastic.

cucumber ready for de-packaging

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The machine costs just £65,000, with a small extra charge for the conveyors and the blower, which are tailored to your needs.

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The purpose of depackaging technology is so that food waste processors can accept packaged food onto their sites and process them through composting and anaerobic digestion after removing the outer packaging.

We offer two different options. One version of the machine has rubberised paddles which can cope with de-packaging punnets of fruit and vegetables and the brittle PET plastic as well as overwrapped with plastic. The rubber paddles prevent the punnet cases from shattering, rendering the food until for animal consumption.

The other version of the machine does the same job, but has non-rubberised paddles and can cope with everything but PET plastic.

We can de-package most unsold food and recover it.

Examples of the waste food and products we can de-package are:

Any Vegetables, with shrink-fit packaging (such as Cucumbers).

PET Packaged items such as Fruit, Mushrooms, Berries, Tomatoes.

Metal Cans, containing Liquids (such as Soft Drinks, Beer, and all kinds of beverages)

Canned Foods stuffs such as Baked Beans, Soups, everything canned in fact. All capable of being separated from the can.

Crisps and other like wrapped foods can be separated from their wrappers.

Dairy includes milk, cheese, butter and yoghurts.

We can empty and recycle plastic bottles containing a range of liquids such as sauces, soft drinks and water.

We deal with PET display packaging for food ranging from strawberries and confectionary to Easter Eggs.

We have a specialist system presently being tested, for recovering food contained in glass jars and bottles.

If you wish to know how we can work with you to depackage your foodwaste and turn it into money, give us a ring on 07889 090 430 or visit our Contact Page.